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1 Pc Super Mitt Microfiber Car Window Washing Home Cleaning Cloth Duster Towel Gloves Microfiber Mitt Soft Neat Towel Dish Cloth (Random Color)

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Description: 100% new high quality

Material: Chenille

Size about: 21*15cm

Color: random color

Application: cleaning cloth, rag, cleaning cloth

feature of product:

This product uses high-precision chenille fiber, coral insect form, the material is quite soft, fine workmanship, high-density super-sliding dust and dust. In the middle is a sponge, which absorbs water well. When washing the car, it can be washed and squeezed out, which is more convenient for cleaning. The mouth has a telescopic fixing strap, which fixes the palm and is more humanized!

It is used for cleaning and nursing of automobiles, and does not leave scratches when used. It absolutely guarantees that the paint surface of the car is not damaged. Anti-wear, durable and suitable for all kinds of car paint cleaning, solid wood, leather surface dusting and decontamination. Ideal for everyday car wash (DIY), you can also take care of your hands. One side is chenille, the other side is ultra-fine composite fiber towel material, double-sided multi-purpose use like gloves, soft, good hand feeling, good water absorption, good vacuuming, suitable for scrubbing cars, furniture, etc. Not subject to wear and tear. You can dry the ash, you can wipe it wet, and the ash effect is very good. And easy to clean. Cars, all kinds of screens in the home, the gaps in the table, the electric fan, the iron frame with the slits, the computer main fan, the keyboard screen. Clean and not hurt the glass, a variety of colors.

★ Strong water absorption, both sides can be used

★ electrostatic effect, can absorb dirty dust

★ Do not lose cotton wool, do not hurt the surface

★ Wipe clean with water

★ wet and dry, easy to clean